2023 Greenland Adventure

Included Activities

Ready for a little adventure beyond your ship? Each Quark Expeditions® voyage offers a variety of recreational activities to enhance your polar experience. HELI HIKING Our twin-engine helicopters will transfer you to the start of the most scenic hiking routes of Southern Greenland and then pick you up at the end point of the route. Each heli-hiking departure will be tailored to your personal needs and level of interests. You may choose to join one of our fast walking groups who will go for exploration and distance, one of our medium hiking routes where there will be plenty of time to stop for photography and reflection, or explore at a slower pace with ample time to enjoy the scenery and immerse yourself in your surroundings. ICE SHEET EXPERIENCE Explore beyond cascading coastal glaciers to access the icy realms of the second-largest ice mass in the world, the Greenland Ice Sheet, and take in the immensity of this overwhelming

landscape. An excursion on one of Ultramarine ’s two twin-engine helicopters means you’ll have a view of the Ice Sheet that very few other humans have ever experienced. You’ll learn about the dynamics of this environment from our team of glaciologists while you explore this vast, seldom-visited body of ice. PADDLE EXCURSION Join us for a one-time paddle on our stable sit-on-top kayaks—perfect for anyone with minimal or no kayaking experience. Small groups of passengers will be taken out on calm days, with our expert guides always present to provide instruction and help you connect with the polar sea. ZODIAC CRUISING Zodiacs are the workhorses of polar expeditions, taking you to places the ships can’t access, allowing you to reach remote shorelines, explore shallow inlets and search for unique wildlife. Expedition staff make stepping in and out of them safe and comfortable, and

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