2023 Greenland Adventure

recounts the wedding of an Icelandic couple here in 1408. Surrounding the church are the ruins of a farmstead, including stables and a banquet hall. The area is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Area. KUJATAA This sub-Arctic farming landscape— the earliest example of agriculture in the Arctic—was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Area in 2017. Featuring archeological sites and agricultural lands, Kujataa is comprised of five areas (Igaliku, Hvalsey, Qassiarsuk, Sissarluttoq and Tasikuluulik) that represent the most comprehensive cultural histories of Norse and Greenlandic farmer–hunters. In honor of the designation, Greenlandic Post issued a stamp in 2018 showcasing the landscape of Kujataa.

LINDENOW FJORD (KANGERLUSSUATSIAQ) Ships rarely venture into Lindenow Fjord, one of the least-occupied fjords in Greenland. With your Expedition Team in the lead, you may cruise by Zodiac in an arm of the fjord, as our staff use their years of Arctic experience to search for wildlife. You may also spot waterfalls along the sheer rock face or enjoy a hike amongst waterfalls, flowers and blueberry fields. NARSARSUAQ The settlement of Narsarsuaq (meaning “the large plain”) is the gateway to South Greenland and numerous hiking trails and Norse sites. It is the lush, fertile land surrounding this area—located deep in the Tunulliarfik Fjord, only about 4 miles (6 km) from the ice sheet—that earned Greenland its name.

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