Antarctic 2022/2023/2024 Brochure


A yawning leopard seal; penguin curiosity is piqued by the arrival of humans; guests celebrate the emotion-packed milestone of crossing the Antarctic Circle.


Buenos Aires


Antarctic Express: Crossing the Circle


Pacic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Punta Arenas

This adventure offers the incredible highlights of Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition , but with flights across the Drake Passage. Eliminating the notorious waterway crossing shaves a few days off your journey. Don't worry, crossing the Antarctic Circle is just as monumental, and the experiences of encountering wildlife and being part of the environment and at one with the polar isolation is just as magical. Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!


South Shetland Islands

Drake Passage

King George Island

Lemaire Channel


Antarctic Peninsula

3 departure | 11 days February 2023 and January/March 2024

Ship: Ocean Adventurer

Adventure Options: See pages 42–43 for more details.

Charter flight: To/From Punta Arenas, Chile (included)

Embarkation/Disembarkation: King George Island, Antarctica See Dates and Rates for details.

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