Antarctic 2022/2023/2024 Brochure

Get polar-ready for your expedition with stylish, brand-name gear that’s designed for optimal performance in the Antarctic. Learn how to outfit yourself from head to toe and get tips on what to pack at Polar Boutique.


Outer Layer Top quality waterproof pants and gloves will protect you from the elements. You'll receive Quark Expeditions' signature yellow park when you embark on your voyage. Get a better look at the 3-in-1 parka and its polar-perfect features

Base Layer Wicking is king. Tops and pants specifically designed to wick moisture away from the body and keep your core body temperature regulated are ideal. Choose synthetic fibers or wool/wool blends.

OUTER LAYER waterproof mitts or gloves

MID LAYER fleece sweater


MID LAYER leggings

Mid Layers Worn over your base layer, mid layers will help keep you warm during your expedition. Visit the online polar boutique for options.

OUTER LAYER waterproof pants Mandatory on polar trips. Stay warm. Stay comfortable!

BASE LAYER worn next to skin

OUTER LAYER Waterproof Muck Boots Loaned to you by Quark Expeditions for the duration of your voyage!

Golden Rules.

RULE 1 Layers, layers, layers Dressing in layers means you’ll be ready for any type of weather you’ll encounter. RULE 2 Wear breathables (no cotton) Wearing breathable materials ensures you stay warm and dry on polar landings. RULE 3 Waterproof, not water repellent Waterproof pants are essential for trips to the polar regions as you’ll likely encounter splashes of water when going ashore.

MID LAYER layered wool and synthetic socks

Model Jaymie MacAulay is one of Quark Expeditions' expedition staff.

50 Call a Quark Expeditions Polar Travel Advisor at 1.888.979.2061 or your Travel Professional

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