Antarctic 2022/2023/2024 Brochure


As the Leader in Polar Adventures, we’re committed to taking our guests deeper into the Polar Regions than they ever thought possible. Breaking boundaries is part of our DNA—so, too, is innovation. For the last 30 years we’ve pushed the limits of our own imagination to provide our guests with the most immersive—and imaginative —adventures in the Polar Regions. We have the most experienced team in the industry. We have the most diverse fleet, which allows guests to personalize their voyage. We offer the most off-ship adventure options—enabling guests to customize their expedition experience. Our fleet of small ships, including our newest vessel, Ultramarine , can take you places other larger ships cannot reach. Do you want to go on a vacation— or on the expedition of a lifetime. Going Beyond in Polar Adventure.

November 1993 For the first time, Quark Expeditions guests retrace the voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance .

November 1996 Quark Expeditions begins a circumnavigation of Antarctica for commercial passengers, the first-ever voyage of its kind.

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August 1991 Quark Expeditions takes the first commercial passengers to the North Pole—something no other expedition company had achieved. August 1991 Quark Expeditions celebrates the first-ever passenger transit of the Northeast Passage, the historic route across the top of the world. December 1991 Quark Expeditions charters the first series of oceanographic research vessels specially converted for adventure travel, heralding a new phase in polar exploration.


July 1999 Quark Expeditions completes its first passenger circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean. November 2003 Quark Expeditions passengers become the first humans to witness a Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica.

November 2004 Quark Expeditions becomes the first operator to confirm the existence and location of the Snow Hill Emperor colony. March 2006 Quark Expeditions breaks Roald Amundsen’s record set nearly 100 years ago, attaining the most southernly latitude of any vessel.

November 1992 Quark Expeditions departs Cape Town for the first passenger voyage to the Far Side of Antarctica,

the most remote coastal region of the continent.


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