2023 Best of the Western Arctic


Best of the Western Arctic: Canada and Greenland

Venture far above the Arctic Circle to a land where polar bears roam and the sun rides high in the sky. On the Best of the Western Arctic: Canada and Greenland itinerary, you’ll explore the eastern and northerly shores of Nunavut’s Baffin Island and the western coast of Greenland. You’ll visit local communities to learn about the cultural traditions of Inuit in Canada, and their ancestors, the Thule, while in Greenland. You’ll also spend your days searching for wildlife that inhabit this remote, mysterious realm. Our new, game-changing ship, Ultramarine —with its two twin-engine helicopters, 20 quick-launching Zodiacs and the largest portfolio of off-ship Adventure Options in the industry—will give you one-of-a-kind perspectives of icebergs, glaciers and fjords. Community visits will reward you with insights into traditional and modern ways of life in the Western Arctic, and the rugged beauty of these pristine landscapes will leave you breathless, whether it’s the soaring cliffs of Caswell Tower or the sculpted icebergs that dominate the Ilulissat Icefjord. In a wildlife-rich region such as this, it’s possible you’ll spot whales or catch a glimpse of one of the Arctic’s most iconic animals—the polar bear. You can expect to stay connected to these magnificent surroundings even when you’re back on board: Ultramarine has more wildlife-viewing spaces than any ship its size. The unrivaled luxury amenities, which include a spa and sauna, will rejuvenate you after a day exploring the Western Arctic.


Search for iconic arctic wildlife, such as muskoxen, walrus and whales Explore Canadian wildlife sanctuaries and the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Greenland Visit traditional settlements and meet Inuit and Greenlandic locals Cruise in a Zodiac to explore icebergs, glaciers, fjords and more Enjoy unforgettable flightseeing aboard Ultramarine ’s two helicopters

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