2023 Arctic Saga

Possible Excursions

When traveling in extremely remote regions, your Expedition Team must consider the sea, ice and weather to guide the route and itinerary details. The following sites are a sample of what you may experience on your expedition, whether by ship, Zodiac cruise, or shore landing. Scotland and Faroe Islands FAIR ISLE, SHETLAND ISLANDS With a population of just 65 people, Fair Isle is the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom. It is also the best place to find rare birds in Britain, with records of 27 first sightings as well as one of top destinations in the Scottish Isles to view the sea parrot, the Atlantic puffin. TORSHAVN, FAROE ISLANDS The Faroe Islands’ largest city, Tórshavn features picturesque wooden cottages with charming black-tarred sod roofs

mingled with modern architecture in the city’s historic Old Town. A symbol of the islands, the oldest of these traditional houses dates back 500 years, though most were built after a devastating fire burned down many of the town’s buildings in 1673. The Vikings founded their government (called “ting”) here in 825 AD, and Faroese parliament remains in Tórshavn to this day. Named after the Norse god of war, Tórshavn means “Thor’s Harbor.” Jan Mayen BEERENBERG Covered in glaciers, this active volcano dominates the northern half of Jan Mayen, taking up a significant part of the island’s mere 144 square miles (373 sq km). A soaring 7,470-feet (2,277 meters) high, it last erupted in 1985. Let´s hope for clear skies to admire this monolith from the ship or shore.

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