2023 Under the Northern Lights

FREDERIKSDAL Exploring this valley system on foot may offer views of muskoxen, glaciers and ancient Thule remains.

RØDE Ø Touring Røde Ø, or Red Island, rewards with stunning views of white and blue icebergs against a background of soaring red sandstone cliffs. The unexpected contrast makes for striking photos. RØDEFJORD Red Fjord, or Rødefjord, is named for the colorful sandstone located on its western side. The stone has been “stained” red by hematite, creating a geological anomaly in this part of Greenland.


Toward the northern end of Scoresby Land is King Oscar Fjord. Holm Bay is a common landing site here, offering panoramic views of the fjord and surrounding area. Within the fjord, and hence within Northeast Greenland National Park, lies Ella Ø (Ella Island). The legendary Danish navy unit Sirius Sledge Patrol operates here in summer. Muskoxen may also be spotted. ITTOQQORTOORMIIT Around 500 people call this northern settlement home. Traditional hunting and fishing ways are alive and well here. Ø FJORD One of Scoresby Sund’s many fjords, this deep fjord, whose name means Island Fjord, is truly impressive, flanked by towering mountains and dotted with large icebergs.

SCORESBY SUND Revered by many as the most

beautiful fjord system in the world, Scoresby Sund is definitely the longest and largest. The sound was named by William Scoresby Jr., a whaler, scientist and clergyman, who was famed for mapping more than 400 miles (640 km) of Greenland’s coastline.

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