2023 Three Arctic Islands (Northbound)


DAY 1 | ARRIVE IN REYKJAVIK, ICELAND Your Arctic expedition begins in

exploration in the Arctic, as well as polar politics, glaciology and climate science. You’ll also learn about the incredible sights, geology and ecology you will soon explore. DAYS 5 – 8 | EXPLORING EAST GREENLAND During your tour of Greenland’s remote eastern coast, you’ll enjoy Zodiac cruises and shore visits to several locations. Explore the remains of ancient Thule settlements and keep an eye out for grazing muskoxen—40 percent of the world’s muskoxen population lives here. If conditions allow, you may also visit Ittoqqortoormiit, the most remote community in East Greenland.

Arctic Ocean

Reykjavik. Arrive in the Icelandic capital in the morning and make your way to your included hotel. You will have the day to explore the city on your own. DAY 2 | EMBARKATION DAY This afternoon, you’ll board your vessel and begin your expedition. Get ready for a great adventure ahead!





Atlantic Ocean


Milne Land


Denmark Strait

DAYS 3 & 4 | CRUISING While sailing north through the



Denmark Strait, your Expedition Team will teach you about the wildlife and history of Greenland, your next stop. You’ll learn about the history of

THREE ARCTIC ISLANDS Iceland, Greenland & Spitsbergen (Northbound) Onboard the Ocean Adventurer

Flight to Helsinki

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