2023 Canada's Remote Arctic


Canada’s Remote Arctic: Northwest Passage to Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands

Here, at the top of the world, nature has created unique wonders in astonishing variety. On this exciting itinerary, we follow the natural guides of sea and ice to showcase the region’s cultural, historic and geographic treasures, aiming to approach the farthest stretches of this rugged, rarely visited landscape without a set itinerary. Our goals are Nunavut’s northernmost islands: Axel Heiberg, and Ellesmere. Our game-changing new expedition vessel Ultramarine’s unprecedented range of Adventure Options, including activities such as helicopter flightseeing, gives you an unrivaled polar experience. You’ll be able to view the magnificent wildlife that make their home in this forbidding region, including polar bears, whales, seals, walrus, caribou, and muskox. You’ll also learn about the rich Inuit culture that has long thrived here. From soaring cliffs to mummified forests, spectacular glacial formations to stunning alpine vistas, expansive waterways to sheltered shores, Canada’s Remote Arctic provides the definitive experience of a mysterious, magical region few ever get to see. Our newest ship, Ultramarine , equipped with two twin-engine helicopters and 20 quick-launching Zodiacs, enables you to explore this breathtaking environment from brand new perspectives. You’ll experience the same sense of wonder felt by early explorers as they navigated the region’s formidable bays, inlets and channels.


Search for iconic Arctic wildlife, such as polar bears, walrus and muskoxen Learn about indigenous culture from Inuit guides onboard and ashore Enjoy unforgettable flightseeing aboard Ultramarine ’s two helicopters

Zodiac along the face of an active glacier

Channel your inner explorer as we set out to reach Canada’s most northerly islands: Axel Heiberg and Ellesmere Island

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