North Pole Destination Guide

“Each degree of latitude brought more ice and more mystery” – Christopher M.

All Aboard

The action-packed itinerary is a spellbinding bucket-list adventure: DAY 1 – Your trip begins with a one-night stay in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. DAY 2 – Take a charter flight to Murmansk, Russia’s northernmost city, and board 50 Years of Victory.

DAY 8 – Relax on the southbound journey in the Arctic Ocean, keeping an eye out for polar bears hunting for seals. DAYS 9 and 10 – Visit the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, where you’ll explore Cape Flora and discover historic remains from early Arctic expeditions. DAYS 11 and 12 – Continue southbound at sea, back to Murmansk. DAY 13 – Disembark in Murmansk and fly back to Helsinki for a one-night stay. DAY 14 – Depart for home.

DAYS 3 to 6 – Cruise northbound in the Arctic Ocean crushing Arctic pack ice. Enjoy a thrilling helicopter ride drinking in amazing views of the ship, ice and ocean. DAY 7 – Stand on top of the world at 90º North. Time literally stands still here, as there is no time zone.

North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure Flight to and from Murmansk On the 50 Years of Victory

Adventure Options:

Experience the North Pole in a way few ever will—soaring above the Arctic in a hot air balloon! When weather permits, we’ll take you up for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of 90° North. Enjoy boarding the ship’s helicopter for a thrilling aerial view over the ship and the expansive Arctic Ocean. Stay on the lookout for walruses, seals, whales, and polar bears – truly spectacular sightseeing at the top of the world. Don’t forget your camera!

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