Greenland Destination Guide


Visitors to Greenland spend a great deal of time getting to know its terrestrial, aquatic and airborne residents, but one of the most spectacular sights is the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights. If you are fortunate enough to witness this fabled natural light show, capturing its full beauty in photographs can present an interesting challenge! Remember that the ISO capability is a critical factor for success. If you’re shooting JPEG files, use your menu options to turn on Long Exposure and High ISO Noise Reduction. Ideally, you’ll

shoot in RAW mode, in which case only Long Exposure Noise Reduction need be selected. Other essential pieces for Northern Lights photography are a good tripod, and if you’re really serious, an ultra-wide angle zoom lens. While photographing Northern Lights is a singular experience not to be missed, photographers will also appreciate shooting Greenland’s extraordinarily spectacular icescapes and fjords, and the unique sights of locals conducting their day-to-day activities.

From Northern Lights to the abundant tundra views— there’s no shortage of photo opportunities.


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