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Do you want to travel off the beaten path in the Polar Regions, or explore where there are no paths at all? Read on to discover how Quark Expeditions explores the Polar Regions differently from every other polar operator.


Do you want to travel off the beaten path in the Polar Regions, or explore where there are no paths at all?

Do you want to take a vacation, or experience the expedition of a lifetime? Read on to discover how Quark Expeditions explores the Polar Regions differently from every other polar operator.


Explore alongside the most seasoned polar experts on Earth.

When you venture into the untouched wilds of the Arctic and Antarctic, you need a great team around you. And we have the greatest. You’ll join elite guides trained at Quark Academy—which surpasses every standard imaginable for safety and preparedness in the Polar Regions—and interact directly with world-class polar experts. Our philosophy? The team that explores together, discovers more together.



Presentations by world leaders in various topics (polar history, glaciology, bird watching, marine biology) provide guests the opportunity to learn from the premiere experts in their field. Quark Academy, the only proprietary polar training program in the industry, ensures guests have the safest and most immersive experience possible—with the best team in the industry during shore landings and Zodiac excursions. Guests will travel with the most experienced expedition team led by the best expedition leaders in the industry, some of whom have participated in over 200 voyages during their 20-plus year career. Our 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio means you’ll have all the attention you want throughout your voyage. Plus, our 1:6 guide-to-guest ratio means you can interact with expedition guides and learn directly from them.


Quark Expeditions goes where others simply can’t. Or won’t. But our expert guides’ abilities to read unknown terrain means where there’s a will, there’s a way—and that way could be by kayak, Zodiac boat, helicopter, or even hot air balloon. In an environment so unpredictable, it pays to have a few backup plans. We don’t just expect the unexpected, we embrace it. Venture far beyond the ordinary with us.



Being able to read the polar landscape better than anyone else, our experienced team will maximize your time off ship. Guests can choose from the largest and most unique selection of off-ship Adventure Options in the industry, enjoying one-of-a- kind off-ship experiences no one else can provide.

Our small ships will take you to places larger ships can’t navigate.

Ultramarine ’s helicopters provide you with fresh perspectives of the Polar Regions while taking you to places previously inaccessible.


We’ve been pioneering new types of expeditions into the Polar Regions for over 30 years now. We not only offer the most itineraries, but the most varied as well. Because no matter where you venture, you can explore culture, wildlife, science, physical activity, and beyond. To put it simply: More places to explore, more ways to explore them. We go to the ends of the earth to chart new adventures.



Guests will travel with a team that has achieved more polar milestones than anyone else in the business. A few of those polar firsts include: in 1991, we were the first to bring consumer travelers to the North Pole; in 2003, Quark Expeditions passengers become the first humans to witness a Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica; and In 2004, our team was the first to confirm the fabled Emperor penguin colony at the remote Snow Hill Island in Antarctica.

We were also the first to circumnavigate the Arctic and Antarctica.

We work with local communities in remote regions to create the best experience and most unique itineraries for you. Guests have flexible options when it comes to choosing from our itineraries, which range from 7 to 23 days. You’ll easily find a trip to fit your budget and schedule. As a polar explorer, you can take an Antarctic or Arctic expedition year after year but enjoy a different experience each time. No two trips are exactly the same.


Every voyage starts on a ship, but the real adventure happens off-ship. In the polar wilds, we camp, climb, kayak, mountain bike, and helicopter to remote locations. We paddleboard on icy waters, and rise above the horizon in hot air balloons. With the most adventure options available, how you experience the Polar Regions is entirely up to you. Set foot where few ever will, and do what few ever dream.



Each adventure option has different levels of fitness, so you choose the outing that best suits you.

Guests will have a truly immersive experience. kayaking, for example, brings you closer to the water, whereas camping brings guests closer to nature and the land. You can enjoy innovative off- ship activities others can’t offer you. We’re always innovating— we’re the first to offer stand- up paddleboarding and hot air ballooning. You’ll do more than just go flightseeing on our helicopters. You’ll be able to choose from the largest selection of helicopter- supported activities in the Polar Regions, ranging from mountain biking to alpine kayaking.


When it comes to polar expeditions, you’re only as good as where your ships can take you. And our diverse fleet of small polar vessels, which includes icebreakers and expedition ships, can take you to places where larger ships can’t navigate. Equally key is our fleet of Zodiac boats, which let us make landfall where others are not able. Trust us: when you travel all the way to the edge of the world, you’ll want to reach out and touch it too. Join the greatest fleet on the frozen seas.



You have a wide range of choices in terms of capacity (128–199 passengers), price points ($8,000 to $40,000+) and style of vessel. Whatever the type of cabin you require (solo, couple or group), we’ve got you covered.

You can choose the ship whose personality and lore

most resonate with you, whether it’s the classic wooden touches of Ocean Adventurer , the world- class spa on World Explorer , or the ruggedness of 50 Years of Victory . Of course, you can opt for our newest ship, Ultramarine , equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, 20 quick-deploy Zodiacs, and the most off- ship adventure activities in the industry.


The beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic should be appreciated and preserved by all who are lucky enough to experience it. That’s why we’ve developed Polar Promise, a comprehensive sustainability plan which includes key initiatives like reducing emissions and reusing or recycling 100% of waste. After all, polar exploration should leave a lasting impression—but only on the explorers like you. Good explorers respect their environment. Great ones protect it.



Through Polar Promise, our comprehensive sustainability framework, we’ve incorporated existing sustainability initiatives into a cohesive plan so we can identify where we can do better or do more. We focus on four areas:

Responsible business practices that align with our guests’ principles Reducing our footprint in the Polar Regions Creating partnerships to promote conservation in the polar environments

Building on our guests’ legacy to leave an enduring positive impact on the planet. To learn more, read our Polar Promise on our website: QuarkExpeditions.com/Sustainability


Polar exploration is our life’s work. It’s the only thing we do—in fact, the only thing we’ve done since 1991, when we brought the very first group of commercial travelers to the North Pole. We understand these unique, otherworldly domains like few others do. So, it’s our pleasure to journey with like-minded explorers, giving you the most in-depth experience possible. Discover Earth’s hidden beauty with a team dedicated to polar exploration.



Innovation is in our DNA. We’ve become so well known for creating unique itineraries and experiences that our competitors have been inspired by us. A sampling of our innovations:  Greenland Adventure: Explore By Land, Sea and Air Launched in 2020, this program invites you to choose which helicopter-supported adventure you wish to experience in South Greenland: mountain biking, camping, exploring the Greenland Ice Sheet, and more.  Solar Eclipse voyage In 2003, Quark Expeditions successfully brought travelers to witness a Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica, a feat never before achieved.  Tundra to Table: Inuit Culinary Experience Launched in 2022, this innovative offering enables guests to participate in an Arctic culinary experience that is the first of its kind—one developed in full partnership with local chefs in the Arctic. If these fascinating environments speak to you, speak to us.



Last Update: March 2022

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