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Most people think that committing to a polar expedition means spending many days away from home. For those who have limited vacation time or have other commitments to come home for, Fly/Cruise Adventures get you right into the heart of the action in no time. Rather than crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica or the Denmark Strait to Greenland by ship, we fly you directly into these remote regions, skipping the sea crossings completely. If you’re interested in Antarctica, in just seven days you can explore the frozen wilderness, penguin colonies and iceberg-filled inlets of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Get right into the heart of the polar action in no time.

If you’ve always wanted to see the Arctic but are short on time, you can take a 10-day you can take a 10-day adventure exploring Greenland’s stunning fjords, glacial bays, iconic wildlife and windswept tundra. With these expedited experiences, you get more time for Zodiac cruising and hiking, stargazing and kayaking, relaxing and revving up.

Flying high over Punta Arenas

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Puddle jumping in the Polar Regions? Sign me up.

CLASSIC VS. FLY/CRUISE While Quark’s Fly/Cruise Adventures are

convenient for some, the classic “cruise/cruise” versions of these expeditions are really the ultimate adventure. These journeys are best for those whose time is their own, travelers who welcome a day or two at sea to relax or to learn more about the places they’re visiting from our on-board specialists. They enjoy the full experience. The biggest advantage of a cruise-only itinerary is that there is much less risk of weather getting in the way (i.e. interrupting or cancelling your trip).

SKIP THE CROSSINGS Crossing the infamous Drake Passage en route to Antarctica takes two days by sea, but a comfortable charter flight from Punta Arenas, Chile to King George Island in the South Shetlands takes just a few hours. The Arctic lets you kick off your exploration of East Greenland in 90 minutes.

AMP UP THE ADRENALINE The “anticipation” phase of your trip will be more of a “quick high.” When you don’t have the day or more of sailing to mentally prepare for your expedition, the faster Fly/Cruise pace supplies an elevated thrill.


ENJOY INCREDIBLE AERIAL VIEWS Flying into these regions gives you an added perspective, as you take in the majestic scenery of Antarctica or Greenland from the plane. This breathtaking bird’s-eye view delivers the big picture.

MORE ON-THE-GROUND ADVENTURE Fly/Cruise saves you up to four days of open- water sailing. That translates into hours and hours of extra time to enjoy your adventure on the ground. As well, you have more time for optional pre- and post-trip add-ons, so you can experience more of South America or Iceland.

AVOID TURNING GREEN Ocean crossings aren’t for everyone. If you’re prone to seasickness, or worried about it, flying over the Drake Passage or the Denmark Strait might be the way to go. The Fly/Cruise option reduces the risk significantly, and you reach sheltered waters in top form.

THE VALUE OF EXPEDITED EXPEDITIONS Due to the remote nature of the Polar Regions, there are limited commercial options to fly there. As the leader in polar expeditions, we’ve fine-tuned the Fly/Cruise details to get you to your destination in the most comfortable way possible — and with a show-stopping view to boot. And this is why a Fly/Cruise expedition can be more costly on average than a traditional voyage.

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SOLID EXPERIENCE While expecting the unexpected is part of the adventure, we take care of the details by creating engrossing itineraries, offering the inclusions you want, and sourcing the best insurance and charter flight options out there. SKILLED LEADERS With more than 100 years of combined experience and 800+ combined polar expeditions between them, our Expedition Leaders are the best in the business. This experience brings with it the necessary wisdom to explore thoroughly and safely, read weather conditions accurately, make informed decisions on the fly—and work tirelessly to tailor-make the best voyage possible.

There’s an itinerary for everyone. That’s what makes us the Leaders in Polar Adventures.

BETTER VALUE Comparing voyages, our pricing is similar to other tour companies, but you get so much more. We offer longer fly/cruise trips (7, 8 and 11 days), US$500,000 in medical evacuation coverage, one night pre-expedition accommo- dation, a free parka and a photographic journal. On the all-inclusive Island Sky , you get all this value, plus domestic flights, included gratuities and free beverages on board.


With the most diverse fleet, the most departure dates and the most itineraries to choose from of any other polar operator, Quark truly has the best options for you.

TOP-NOTCH TEAM Quark Expeditions® offers one of the highest staff-to-guest ratios in the expedition world. Staff members are constantly on the lookout for your next amazing experience, scouting for wildlife, checking out landing sites, and organizing lectures and activities to enrich your on-board experience. DIVERSE FLEET Each of our ships offers a unique experience, from the all-inclusive, all-suites elegance of Island Sky , to the intimate and nimble Ocean Nova , to the Ocean Adventurer with its extensive Antarctic Adventure Options. These homes away from home help make your journey even more incredible.

With Fly/Cruise Adventures from Quark Expeditions®, you can create your own memorable Arctic or Antarctic experience — in less time and with less effort than you ever thought possible.

Enjoying the view on the bow of the Ocean Adventurer

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WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE? DUE SOUTH OR DUE NORTH? Deciding which Polar Region you want to visit is the first step. And once that task is taken care of, we step in to help you custom-create the perfect adventure. At Quark Expeditions®, we’ve been planning, booking and leading expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic since 1991. And we’ve gotten pretty good at it, too. We’ll help you select the itinerary and extracurricular options that suit you best. The rest of the story is all up to you. DESIGN YOUR OWN TRIP

Enjoying the Antarctic view

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A Chinstrap penguin moves in for a close-up

QUARK’S ANTARCTICA FLY/CRUISE EXPEDITIONS bring you one step closer to checking off your bucket list. The 7 th continent yields big-sky adventure in so many ways. Snow-capped mountain peaks make the perfect backdrop for your adventure, as you cruise ice-choked inlets around stunning blue icebergs, watching seals and penguins playing on icy beaches. The overwhelming silence, foreign at first, becomes a comfort, punctuated only by calving icebergs and your kayak paddle. An adventure to Antarctica and the outlying South Shetland Islands will not just fulfill your expectations, it will surpass them.



Each year as the austral summer sets in, Antarctica comes alive.

As Antarctica evolves over the course of the Quark Fly/Cruise expedition season, it offers an entirely new experience for each visitor over 10 departures. December is a fantastic time to see penguins mating and nesting. This early in the season, icebergs are sharp and unweathered, the coastlines impossibly pristine, and glacier shelves a crisp blue. The effects of penguin colonies and sunning seals haven’t yet taken their toll on the ice and snow. During late December and January there are a remarkable 20 hours of natural sunlight – perfect for photographers. Penguin chicks are hatching and whale sightings are more plentiful. Temperatures rise and the environment begins its work on icebergs big and small, shaping them into natural works of art. In February, the all-inclusive Island Sky is able to venture even further south as pack ice recedes. Massive glaciers make thunderous

cracks as they calve icebergs into the frigid water. Beaches teem with penguins and seals, energized by the new additions to their colonies and the warmer weather.

Antarctic ice formations present a million different shades of blue

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Experience the diversity and overwhelming splendor of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. Enjoy spectacular aerial and nautical views from your charter flight, expedition ship and Zodiac cruise. This thrilling adventure through iceberg-dotted waters on the lookout for whales, seabirds, leopard seals and penguins will have you at “all aboard”—no Drake Passage crossing required.

Seals strike a pose for Zodiac cruisers



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Flying over the Drake Passage puts you in the South Shetland Islands in no time, and you’ll embark on a raw and evocative journey. Touring the Antarctic Peninsula is an indescribable and awe-inspiring thrill. Crossing the Antarctic Circle is something so few people have ever accomplished, you’ll be part of a very exclusive club. Immersive excursions on foot and via Zodiac offer up icy plateaus, calving glaciers, breaching whales and mating penguins. Expect the unexpected—and be totally surprised at every turn.

A majestic humpback whale breaching the Antarctica waters



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Unwind on Island Sky or explore with Ocean Adventurer.

ISLAND SKY The newest addition to the Quark fleet and our only all-suites, all-inclusive expedition ship, Island Sky is an elegant polar sanctuary. Enjoy chef-prepared meals, then head to the bar for camaraderie and cocktails. Staff members mingle at mealtimes to inject the conversation with an insider perspective. Opulent furnishings and plenty of space to stretch out and relax make for easy living—and even easier planning. Ample deck space makes for easy wildlife viewing. • 108 guests • Six suite options, all with private bathrooms and exterior views, and some with private balconies • All-inclusive food and drinks • All domestic flights and gratuities included

OCEAN ADVENTURER Fresh from a multi-million-dollar renovation, Ocean Adventurer is a modern and comfortable home base, with upgrades to public areas that further elevate the on-board experience. The forward lounge and observation deck help you drink in the spectacular views. Recent technical enhancements—including two new engines, generators and drive systems— have made Ocean Adventurer more fuel efficient, minimizing its carbon footprint. • 132 guests • Owner’s Suites and 9 new cabins added • All-outside cabins with new bathrooms feature up to triple accommodations in a variety of classes

Island Sky

Ocean Adventurer



The list is diverse, the pace is comfortable and your dance card is full.

Processing new information becomes a constant as the Antarctic reveals surprise after surprise. Zodiacs take you to and from the shore to visit penguin rookeries, research stations and abandoned whaling camps. They’re also the best way to sightsee, as you zip through icy bays, communing with sleepy seals, whale-spotting as you go. The kayaking Adventure Option puts you right in the picture, as close to the glistening landscape as possible. The stand-up paddleboarding Adventure Option also provides an intimate view from the water. Daily briefings fill you in on the next day’s agenda, while informal lectures fit in the historical facts and expand on the ways of the wildlife.

An Adélie penguin

HOW TO GET TO ANTARCTICA With Quark, Antarctica is easier than ever to visit.

Your expedition will begin in Punta Arenas, Chile, a vibrant Patagonian city overlooking the beautiful Strait of Magellan. It is easily accessible from anywhere in the world via Santiago, Chile’s capital. Island Sky packages also include a flight from Santiago, Chile. Your package includes the transfer from the Punta Arenas airport to your pre-expedition hotel, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow travelers, explore the city and prepare for embarkation at a briefing dinner with our team. The next day, you’ll transfer to the airport for a comfortable charter flight to King George Island, where you’ll be whisked offshore on a Zodiac to your awaiting ship. When making your travel plans, keep in mind that direct flights are best whenever possible, helping you avoid delays or missed connections. FLY/CRUISE 2017.18 GUIDE | 17


A soggy polar bear makes his presence known

QUARK’S ARCTIC FLY/CRUISE EXPEDITION offers iconic Far North adventure in East Greenland, inside the Arctic Circle. Sail through the world’s largest fjord system of Scoresbysund and edge into Greenland National Park. Massive glaciers will play tricks with your depth perception as you cruise right up to their faces. Breathtaking mountain-top views will have you mesmerized while you keep your eyes open for polar bears, whales, muskoxen and more. And watching the Northern Lights dance can keep you up half the night.



Once you set your priorities, the rest is easy.

Later in September, though daylight wanes and temperatures begin to drop, your chances of witnessing the Aurora Borealis increase significantly. On clear nights, this is truly the best light show on Earth.

Six September Fly/Cruise expedition departures give you plenty of opportunity to schedule your arctic experience. Until early to mid-September, Greenland’s name makes sense for a short time as the barren landscape gives way to lush green valleys and colorful foliage. Icy tundra typically turns into hike-worthy trails and animal life is a bit more prevalent.

Hiking the Arctic’s snowy traverse

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Explore the world’s largest fjord system of Scoresbysund, witness the Northern Lights show and hike the stunning tundra and challenging mountains of Greenland National Park. Greenland’s vast wilderness sets you up for scenes of incredible beauty and adventure, as you scour the landscape for possible sightings of iconic Arctic animals.

A fleet of icebergs in East Greenland



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Break away on the Ocean Nova.

OCEAN NOVA When the rocky walls of a Greenland fjord loom large outside Ocean Nova’s enclosed observation deck, the weight of the regular world becomes a distant memory. With its friendly, informal atmosphere, our smallest and most nimble Arctic expedition ship is the ideal home base for an adventurous getaway for up to 66 guests on the Arctic Express program. One by one, you will quickly meet new friends relaxing in the panoramic lounge or tucking into a hearty, chef-prepared meal in the sumptuous dining room. The comfortable Ocean Nova cabins offer exterior views, private facilities and ample room for unwinding after each day’s adventure.

Ocean Nova


Zodiacs are the main mode of transport on your expedition jaunts to visit icy inlets, glacial mo- raines, and so much more. You’ll become an old hand at hopping in and out very quickly. When a shore landing is not on the afternoon’s itinerary, Zodiacs then act as sightseeing tour boats, get- ting you up close and personal with the topogra- phy and the wildlife. Daily hikes are grouped into slow-medium- fast categories, so everybody gets to participate at a comfortable level, regardless of age or mobility, and still have a full experience. Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are exremely rewarding Adventure Options, connecting you even closer to the landscapes. Daily briefings keep all passengers on the same page, and educational talks during down- time provide you with the background basics. Time definitely flies, but you’ll be too busy to notice. THE ACTIVITIES

Incredible polar vistas imprint themselves onto your mind

HOW TO GET TO THE ARCTIC Crossing the Arctic Circle is not as complicated as you might think. The adventure will start in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, a city bustling with arts and culture, and surrounded by almost otherworldly topography. At the pre-expedition hotel, you’ll connect with your group and Expedition Leader to be briefed on the impending adventure. The next day, you’ll transfer to Reykjavik’s domestic airport, then enjoy fabulous aerial views of both Iceland and Greenland as your charter flight delivers you to Constable Point, one of the world’s most isolated airports. A short Zodiac cruise ride will take you right to the gangway of the ice-strengthened Ocean Nova . You’ll find flights to Reykjavik via many travel hubs, including Toronto, New York, London, Düsseldorf and Helsinki. The most direct routes are always preferable when booking.

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The Aurora Borealis is nature’s finest light show

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Take to the skies—so you can spend more time on the ground. On a Fly/Cruise expedition, your charter flights are arranged at booking. We take care of the details, so you can focus on the journey. Quark uses smaller regional carriers rather than regular commercial airlines to reach the best jumping-off point for your trip. These embarkation outposts are really mini- adventures in themselves, and reaching them via the air yields some absolutely amazing views—and photo ops. You’ll receive information on luggage weight restrictions and helpful packing tips with your expedition package. See our checklist on page 30 for a few details.

Zodiac crossing around King George Island


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The spirited Ocean Adventurer calls the Zodiacs home at sundown


Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Help us protect the environments we visit together. PRESERVING THE POLAR REGIONS

fields. And as a result, travelers return from their adventure with a better understanding of the issues surrounding polar conservation.

As an active, long-standing member of both the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO), Quark Expeditions® observes all guidelines drawn to prevent adverse impacts resulting from our visits to the Polar Regions. These regulations include not disturbing wildlife and their habitats, respecting archaeological remains, and treating local people with respect. Conservation of natural and cultural domains is one of the underlying themes of our on-board educational programs, each led by professionals in their respective


• Pack extra batteries and memory cards • Set the aperture to the lowest number possible • Use a tripod • Adjust the ISO • Get to know your camera settings and bring your manual

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PACKING CHECKLIST Dress in layers so you’re ready — whatever the weather. GET READY FOR YOUR TRIP! In the coastal regions of Antarctica and Greenland in what is their summer, conditions are mild, but unpredictable. Sunny days can quickly turn cold and windy. Average temperatures are between 25º F and 35º F or –4º C and +2º C, but the wind can make it seem colder. The luggage restriction for our charter flights is 15 kg (33 lbs) of checked luggage, and 5 kg (11 lbs) for your carry-on. This is the combined weight of both a checked bag and your carry-on. SUPPLIED GEAR BOOTS:

SOCKS: Bring several pairs of socks to wear inside your rubber boots. Wear long wool socks over a thin pair of silk, wool or polypropylene socks. OUTER CLOTHING: Pack wool or fleece sweaters and tops, plus several turtle- necks for layering. BASE LAYERS: Bring silk, wool or polypropylene underwear in a few dif- ferent weights. KNAPSACK OR BACKPACK: Bring a water-resistant or waterproof knapsack or back- pack to keep camera gear, extra socks and other essentials dry when you head out on shore landings. SHOES: You will need a pair of shoes with nonslip soles when walking around the ship. Slip-on sandals, slippers or flip- flops are neither safe nor suitable for wearing on board.

To save you from packing your own, Quark Expeditions® loans you a pair of waterproof boots for the duration of the voyage. PARKAS: The complimentary Quark Polar Expedition Parka, yours to keep, is insulated, waterproof, and seam-sealed.


Waterproof over-pants are required for Zodiac cruising and onshore activities. Wear them over a pair of warm pants, to create the ideal combination of warm and dry. GLOVES: Pack a minimum of two pairs of layered gloves. Thin poly- propylene gloves are good for taking photographs, worn underneath warm outer gloves. HAT AND SCARF: Pack a wool or fleece hat or cap that covers your ears, as well as a scarf, neck gaiter or similar face protection. A peaked or brimmed hat will help protect against the sun, just be sure it has a strap for windy conditions.

To help you get ready for your trip, visit Quark Expeditions® online Polar Boutique


FLY/CRUISE 2017.18

PUT YOURSELF ON THE PASSENGER LIST Our in-house Reservations Team is waiting to hear from you. Right from your first enquiry to the “bon voyage” phone call, when you travel with Quark Expeditions® you are advised by some of the most experienced travel consultants in the polar expedition world—experts with actual voyage experience. Quark pioneered the concept of polar travel with the first-ever transit of the Northeast Passage more than 25 years ago. We continue to push boundaries today—and we’d love to help you expand yours.

Passengers and Expedition Leaders enjoying a photo opportunity

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December 2017

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