2025.26 Essential Patagonia

Possible Excursions

DAINELLI (AGUILA) GLACIER This striking blue glacier, which flows down from the middle of the Darwin mountain range, sits at the end of a tranquil lagoon formed by the glacier’s meltwater. An easy hike along the shore takes you to the edge of the glacier. AINSWORTH BAY An offshoot of Almirantazgo Sound (Admiralty Sound), Ainsworth Bay is surrounded by pristine sub-polar forests. The bay is fed by the meltwater of the Marinelli Glacier, which flows down from the Cordillera Darwin Icefield.

CANAL DE LAS MONTAÑAS Situated within the Kawésqar National Park (formerly Alacalufes National Reserve), this 41-mile (66 km) long channel is flanked by two majestic mountain ranges, the Cordillera Riesco to the east and the Cordillera Sarmiento to the west. Sightings of sea lions and dolphins are possible. CAPE HORN Sitting at the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego, on Hornos Island, Cape Horn was named by Dutch navigator Willem Schouten, who discovered and first rounded the cape in 1616 and named it in honor of his birthplace, Hoorn, Holland. Filled with rugged, natural beauty, the historic windswept cape is located within Cabo de Hornos National Park, which was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2005. The Chilean Navy mans the lighthouse on the island.

BAHIA BROOKES Located in Almirantazgo Sound (Admiralty Sound), in the heart of

Alberto de Agostini National Park, this bay is the site of several glaciers, the most impressive being the North Brookes Glacier. The bay is also an ideal locale for learning about glaciology and how glaciers shape the landscape.

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