2024.25 Antarctic Explorer

Possible Excursions

When traveling in extremely remote regions, your Expedition Team must consider the sea, ice and weather to guide the route and itinerary details. The following sites are a sample of what you may experience on your expedition, whether by ship, Zodiac cruise, or shore landing. Antarctic Peninsula CIERVA COVE Cierva Cove boasts jaw dropping icebergs and a glaciated backdrop. A massive glacial face regularly calves into the bay, leaving often spectacular floating ice. Seals can be spotted on ice floes, and later in the season, humpback whales occasionally feed in the icy waters. CUVERVILLE ISLAND Rising out of the mouth of the Errera Channel, this tall, steep island is covered by a colorful spectrum of lichens and mosses. A large gentoo penguin rookery is situated on a rocky beach at the north end of the island. Depending on when in

the season you arrive, you may see the penguins building nests, incubating eggs, or attending to their chicks. DAMOY POINT Damoy Point is the site of a historical ice runway used by the British Antarctic Survey for their flights further south since 1975. The well-maintained hut was used as a staging-post to store supplies and for accommodation while awaiting ideal flying conditions. The point is also home to a penguin rookery and allows for spectacular views of the mountains of Anvers Island. DANCO ISLAND Home to gentoo penguins, this small dome-shaped island provides you with a stunning view of the Errera Channel and excellent Zodiac cruising opportunities. ENTERPRISE ISLAND Located in Wilhelmina Bay, this island’s protected coves were once used by whalers. A Zodiac cruise

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