2024.25 Epic Antarctica BA

Included Activities These are included in your trip package.

Ready for a little adventure beyond your ship? Each Quark Expeditions voyage offers a variety of immersive off-ship activities to enhance your polar experience. FLIGHTSEEING While polar landscapes are spectacular from the sea, they are even more striking from the air. Onboard Ultramarine you will experience remarkable aerial

and your Zodiac drivers will provide active interpretation, making the landscape come even more alive. HIKING Hiking in Antarctica is free-form and supervised by our expert staff, who set out a perimeter or paths at each landing site within which you are free to explore. While you hike, staff will be available to enhance your experience by answering questions about the wildlife, history and geography of the area. PRESENTATIONS Enjoy daily chats with and presentations by our world-class onboard polar experts—expedition guides, specialists, photography guides and other special guests who will introduce you to the fascinating history, biology, ornithology, glaciology and geology of the region, and much, much more.

POLAR PLUNGE This rite of passage, scheduled only once per expedition, gives you the chance to jump safely into the bracing Antarctic waters under the watchful eye of our staff—and just about every single camera on board! PHOTOGRAPHY Documenting your voyage so you can take the memories home is a rewarding experience. Our photography guide will help you hone your skills to capture the beauty of the polar regions. More information about your Included Activities and Adventure Options, including the necessary experience, physical requirements and cost, is available by contacting your Polar Travel Adviser or travel professional.

perspectives on a 10- to 15-minute flightseeing excursion included in the cost of your voyage.

ZODIAC CRUISING Zodiacs—rugged inflatable watercraft— are the workhorses of polar expeditions, taking you to places the ships can’t access, allowing you to reach remote shorelines, explore shallow inlets and search for unique wildlife. Expedition staff make stepping in and out of them safe and comfortable,

Call your Travel Professional or a Quark Polar Travel Adviser at 1.888.892.0073 | Visit QuarkExpeditions.com for additional details


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