2024.25 Epic Antarctica BA

CUVERVILLE ISLAND Rising out of the mouth of the Errera Channel, this tall, steep island is covered by a colorful spectrum of lichens and mosses. A large gentoo penguin rookery is situated on a rocky beach at the north end of the island. Depending on when in the season you arrive, you may see the penguins building nestsm incubating eggs, or attending to their chicks. DANCO ISLAND Home to gentoo penguins, this small dome-shaped island provides you with a stunning view of the Errera Channel and excellent Zodiac cruising opportunities. DETAILLE ISLAND Detaille Island lies in Lallemand Fjord, just south of the Antarctic Circle. Station W, of the British Antarctic Survey, is a historical research hut established in 1956. Researchers overwintered here, setting out on expeditions and conducting scientific investigations. Stepping inside is a walk back in time as the hut has been impeccably preserved. Revel in 1950s memorabilia such as jars

of HP Sauce and canned butter, a little beyond their expiry dates, and imagine overwintering here, below the Circle. ENTERPRISE ISLAND Located in Wilhelmina Bay, this island island’s protected coves were was once used by whalers. A Zodiac cruise exploring the island passes the rusting remains of a wrecked whaling ship, and provides opportunities to search for humpback whales. HOPE BAY Three members of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901-04) spent the winter in a hut on the shores of the bay. The hut is located close to the jetty of Esperanza Station, an Argentine research station and one of only two civilian bases in Antarctica outfitted with a school and chapel. LEMAIRE CHANNEL One of the most scenic locations on the peninsula’s west coast, this dramatic strait runs between the towering cliffs of Booth Island and the Antarctic Peninsula.

The channel may become impassable when ice fills the narrow, 6.8-mile (11 km)-long passageway, so we’ll hope for clear waters. MELCHIOR ISLANDS This group of low, glaciated islands in Dallmann Bay is where you may see hauled-out male fur seals as they recuperate from their battles for supremacy at the end of their breeding season. MIKKELSEN HARBOR Located on the south side of Trinity Island and surrounded by stunning ice cliffs and several reefs, Mikkelsen Harbor is a 1.86-mile (3 km)-wide bay, discovered by a Swedish Antarctic expedition in 1901-04. Enjoy a Zodiac cruise of the beautiful waters, or if conditions allow, land at D’Hainaut Island, home to an Argentine refuge hut and whaling remains in the form of a wooden boat and whale skeletons. Weddell seals are often seen in the area and a gentoo penguin rookery is situated on the island.

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