2024 Greenland Explorer - Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic


DAY 1 | ARRIVE IN REYKJAVIK Arrive in the Icelandic capital and make your way to your included hotel. You will have the rest of the day to explore the city on your own. DAYS 2 | FLY TO NARSARSUAQ In the early afternoon we will transfer you to Keflavik Airport for our private charter flight from the Icelandic capital to Narsarsuaq, Greenland, where you’ll set sail on Ultramarine . A scenic community deep in Tunulliarfik Fjord, Narsarsuaq is the gateway to South Greenland. Originally established in the 1940s as a U.S. military base, the approximately 2,000–metre paved runway and small terminal are now managed by Mittarfeqarfiit (the Greenlandic Airport Authority).

DAYS 3 – 4 | THE WILD EAST Jagged peaks, tumbling glaciers, ice- laden landscapes, alpine vistas and the search for the King of the Arctic. We set out for the wild fjords of the uninhabited east coast, one of which is Lindenow Fjord, also known by its Greenlandic name, Kangerlussuatsiaq. Thousands of years ago, groups of paleo– Inuit hunters and fishermen made their home in these isolated fjords, living off the land and surviving mostly on the resources the sea provided, before European explorers and the subsequent establishment of settlements prompted one of the biggest waves of migration in Greenland. Traces of these once proud peoples can still be found today against the backdrop of cascading glaciers and steep–walled mountains.


GREENLAND (Kalaallit Nunaat)


Lindenow Fjord

Greenland Ice Sheet (access point)


Labrador Sea

Tasermiut Fjord

Approximate limit of exploration area

Greenland Explorer: Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic

Onboard the Ultramarine Flight from Reykjavik to Narsarsuaq

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