2024 Greenland Explorer - Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic

GREENLAND (Kalaallit Nunaat)






Local Partnerships The Greenland Explorer: Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic itinerary is the first of its kind to be designed in full collaboration with local partners. This program not only aligns with local tourism development strategies, but it has been endorsed by Kommune Kujataa, the regional government of South Greenland. We’re proud to pioneer this new local engagement ethos. This itinerary will offer more local touch points than any other Quark Expeditions voyage which allows our guests to benefit from the unrivaled hospitality, wisdom, and expertise of the local people.

1 | AAPPILATTOQ Storytelling, food, music and friendly competition are some of the experiences you can expect during this visit to one of Greenland’s smallest communities.

2 | TASERMIUT CAMP Join your Greenlandic hosts for a taste of overnight life on the land in one of our most immersive local experiences.

3 | TAMASSA Alongside our Ice Sheet excursions, we welcome a range of local artists, craftspeople, musicians, and chefs onboard for an immersive cultural festival, Tamassa.

4 | QASIARSUK Learn about South Greenland’s agricultural economy at this sheep farming community as part of our final day of excursions.

5 | FAREWELL TO GREENLAND For our grand finale, we will celebrate our journey with a shore dinner prepared by local chefs as we bid farewell to Greenland before departing on our charter flight.

TUNDRA TO TABLE Guests can join our chefs for our onboard to Tundra to Table: Inuit Culinary Experience, and forage for local food along the shorelines.

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