2024 Under the Northern Lights

ITTOQQORTOORMIIT Around 360 people call this northern settlement home. Ittoqqortoormiit is the picturesque and very welcome port of call for expedition cruise ships exploring the north-east coast of Greenland during summer. Focal points include the church and the small, local museum whose historical costumes, tools, and pictures tell the story of lives lived in remote and harsh conditions. Visitors can also enjoy discovering the vibrantly green football (soccer) field set in an endless landscape of rock and snow, and wandering between the colourful houses soaking in the atmosphere of Greenland’s most isolated town.

KING OSCAR FJORD Also known as Kangerluk Kong Oscar, King Oscar Fjord is a major fjord system in Northeast Greenland National Park, with the main fjord stretching 110 kilometres in length and anywhere from 10 to 25 kilometres wide. The fjord system marks the northern border of the Scoresby Land Peninsula. Many visitors remark on the bright sandstone of King Oscar Fjord. When conditions allow, Quark Expeditions’ guests have the opportunity to hike in Skipperdal Valley at Kong Oscar Fjord.

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