2024 Under the Northern Lights


Under the Northern Lights: Exploring Iceland & East Greenland


Explore some of the last unspoiled wilderness areas on the planet with the 12–day Under the Northern Lights: Exploring Iceland & East Greenland itinerary. Cruising along Iceland’s mountainous west coast and Greenland’s remote northeast coast, home to the largest fjord system in the world, you’ll discover diverse and dramatically rugged landscapes. Immersed in the untamed beauty of the Arctic, you’ll experience Greenlandic culture firsthand at Ittoqqortoormiit, visit ancient Thule sites steeped in history, and marvel at the majesty of massive icebergs and against a spectacular mountain backdrop. Of all of our northern trips, Under the Northern Lights: Exploring Iceland & East Greenland provides you with the best opportunity to marvel at the spectacular Northern Lights. The Arctic has been inspiring explorers for centuries, and our expeditions offer the chance for you to discover why. We’re excited to host you on your unforgettable adventure. Feel free to reach out to our team of Polar Travel Advisers or your travel professional, who can answer your questions and provide assistance at any time.

Search for iconic arctic wildlife, such as polar bears, muskoxen and seals Hike the tundra, visit an Inuit community and explore a breathtaking fjord system in East Greenland Marvel at the kaleidoscope of dramatic sea and landscapes of Iceland’s oldest region Possibly view the enchanting Northern Lights ( Aurora borealis ) Cruise in a Zodiac to explore majestic landscapes Immerse yourself in the icy realm of the Arctic with optional kayaking adventures.

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