2024 Under the Northern Lights

Arrival and Departure Details

As you prepare for your journey, you may be interested to know your arrival and departure details. Since air transportation is not included in the cost of your expedition, you have some flexibility in planning your flights.

Arrival Day and Embarkation ARRIVING IN REYKJAVIK You may arrive in Reykjavik at any time during Day 1 of the itinerary and make your way to the included hotel. EMBARKATION IN REYKJAVIK On the morning of Day 2, your luggage will be collected from the lobby of your hotel, transferred to the ship and stored in your cabin. Ship embarkation will occur on Day 2 of your itinerary, usually around 4pm. You and your shipmates will meet in the lobby of your hotel and board the waiting buses for transfer to the ship. Information about transfer timing will be posted in your Reykjavik hotel.

FROM TOP: A view of Reykjavik; Embarking the ship; Blue Lagoon

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