Antarctic 2022/2023/2024 Brochure

Our Expedition Leaders are the most experienced in the industry. They possess an incredible range of skills: strong communications; the ability to navigate unexpected itinerary changes; a commitment to safety; and an excellence in coordinating, supporting and leading a diverse Expedition Team to meet and exceed your expectations. All of our Expedition Leaders undergo rigorous training at our very own polar training institute, Quark Academy. In addition, our teams are fully versed in the regulations and guidelines set by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), which serves to protect the Antarctic region. Your Expedition Leaders.

Abbey Weisbrot Home base: Haida Gwaii, British Columbia Years of polar experience: 7 Polar expeditions to date: 70 Areas of expertise: Bachelor of Tourism Management with a major in Adventure Studies. Certified Level 3 Lead Sea Kayak Guide with Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia. Advice to polar travelers: "Consciously slow down and soak up the incredible beauty around you, both big and small. Be present, take opportunities as they arise, and spend as much time out on the outer decks as possible."

Alison Gordon Home base: Canberra, Australia Years of polar experience: 7 Polar expeditions to date: 100

Areas of expertise: Alison, who speaks Mandarin, has studied geopolitics and founded a company that tackles the issues of food waste and sustainable protein. She’s an avid skier, scuba diver, cyclist, runner and conservationist. Advice to polar travelers: “Be open to what it feels like to fall in love (again) with our planet and the beauty it contains.”

Jake Morrison Home base: Lake Simcoe, Canada Years of polar experience: 12 Polar expeditions to date: 75

Christian Geissler Home base: Cumberland, British Columbia

Years of polar experience: 15 Polar expeditions to date: 130

Areas of expertise: With a degree in operations management and after a lifetime on the water, Jake spent six years managing expedition operations from Quark Expeditions’ Toronto office before returning to the field to fuel his love for the great outdoors. During his 12 years with Quark Expeditions, Jake has worked on over 10 different expedition vessels and explored nearly every polar destination where Quark Expeditions operates. Advice to polar travelers: “Slow down, let your soul absorb every majestic moment, and spend plenty of time out on deck.”

Areas of expertise: Christian has developed an expertise in marine mammals and orcas, most recently supporting scientific observations in the Canadian Arctic. Christian is also a skilled artist, creating paintings depicting the wildlife and seascapes of the West Coast of Canada, the Arctic and Antarctica. Advice to polar travelers: “Being an explorer can be subjective and a personal experience and you're never too old to start.”


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