Antarctic 2022/2023/2024 Brochure

David Burton Home base: Shetland Islands, UK

David (Woody) Wood Home base: Melbourne, Australia

Experience Matters! Each Expedition Leader brings years of polar experience to the role—as well expertise. Some are marine mammal experts, glaciologists and polar historians while others have specialties in whale studies, marine logistics and conservation. Our guests reap the benefits of this vast polar knowledge. We have the most experienced team in the Polar Regions. Shane Evoy has 26 years of experience, and David (Woody) Woods has 21 years hands-on experience in the polar regions. Christian Geissler has been on over 100 expeditions, while Solan Jensen has led 26 Arctic expeditions and 109 Antarctic expeditions.

Years of polar experience: 10 Polar expeditions to date: 90 Areas of expertise: History and glaciology Advice to polar travelers: “Head to the outer decks after dinner to take an evening constitutional. There’s no better place than the Polar Regions to take some time and reflect on the serene beauty you’ve witnessed that day, as well as contemplate the life-changing moments you’re experiencing. You never know what you might catch sight of— the majesty of the northern lights or a sighting of some wildlife!”

Years of polar experience: 20 Polar expeditions to date: 300

Areas of expertise: Woody has developed in-depth knowledge of numerous aspects of polar wilderness throughout two decades of polar expedition. Advice to polar travelers: “Polar voyages touch people in different ways. The polar environment has a power which sets people thinking about their place in our world. Get prepared with gear and have the time of your life! Travel with eyes wide open, with no fixed ideas and be open to the beauty, wonder, tranquility and fury of the polar environment.”

Shane Evoy Home base: Pointe au Baril, Ontario Years of polar experience: 26 Polar expeditions to date: 250

Solan Jensen Home base: Juneau, AK

Years of polar experience: 15 Polar expeditions to date: 135

What guests are apt to learn on a polar voyage: “I hope guests will learn a lot about the areas we go into so they can protect what they love. There’s a quote from environmentalist Baba Dioum that I live by when I’m on an expedition: ‘In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.’" Advice to polar travelers: “Sit, look, listen, and feel what is around you and take it all in.”

Areas of expertise: Solan’s roles have included wilderness ranger, expedition leader, kayak guide, boat builder and marine mammal emergency responder. Advice to polar travelers: “Bring a receptivity to continuously absorb the experience, every gust of wind, wild shoreline and mountain, every creature that calls the polar regions home—and the ice that is home. Bring binoculars everywhere. Go on every off-ship excursion and spend as much time as you can on the outer decks of the ship. Come with curiosity and a heightened awareness because the polar regions are as huge and magnificent as they are subtle and intricate.”

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