Antarctic 2022/2023/2024 Brochure


Why travel with us?

Explore alongside the most seasoned polar experts on Earth.

We go to the ends of the earth to chart new adventures, so you can set foot where few ever will. We’ve been exploring the Polar Regions for three decades, which means we’ve been taking guests on life-changing journeys to the Arctic and Antarctic longer than anyone else. As the Leader in Polar Adventures, we’re committed to taking travelers beyond the ordinary, outside the predictable and expected. We were the first expedition company to take commercial guests to the North Pole–back in 1991. We led the first- ever passenger transit of the Northeast Passage. We were the first to offer hot-air ballooning at the North Pole. We’ve always been driven to discover what’s out there—and we're committed to taking you places no one else can.

When you venture into the untouched wilds of the Arctic and Antarctic, you need a great team around you. And we have the greatest. You’ll join elite guides trained at Quark Academy—which surpasses every standard imaginable for safety and preparedness in the Polar Regions—and interact directly with world-class polar experts. Our philosophy? The team that explores together, discovers more together.

Venture far beyond the ordinary with us.

Quark Expeditions goes where others simply can’t. Or won’t. But our expert guides’ abilities to read unknown terrain means where there’s a will, there’s a way—and that way could be by kayak, Zodiac boat, helicopter, or even hot air balloon. In an environment so unpredictable, it pays to have a few backup plans. We don’t just expect the unexpected, we embrace it.

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