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This infographic reflects QUARK EXPEDITIONS’ sustainability successes and goals— celebrating our past while... PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE!

Good explorers respect their environment. Great ones protect it. In April 2019, we reinforced our commitment to the polar regions with the unveiling of POLAR PROMISE —the most comprehensive and holistic sustainability strategy in place in the polar regions. In Polar Promise, Quark Expeditions identifies measurable goals to be reached by 2025.


Quark Expeditions continues to drastically reduce single-use plastics on board our ships. In 2019, we eliminated:

By working with our hotel provider, we’ve replaced individually wrapped items like butter, sugar, jam, honey, and yogurt with bulk versions. We’ve installed water fountains on our vessels so that guests can refill their own reusable Quark Expeditions water bottle as needed. Cabins have been outfitted with soap and shampoo dispensers to reduce waste, and we provide straws, paper napkins, and receipts only on request.

320 , 000 Single use bottles. Our guests receive their own reusable water bottles!

14 , 000 Individual yogurt containers.

7 , 600 Parka bags.

Now in bundles versus individual plastic bags.


Our annual goal to support Polar Research and Conservation.

Auction proceeds supporting South Georgia Heritage Trust and Friends of South Georgia.

Quark Expeditions provides free berths to conservation and scientific organizations, giving scientists access to remote regions to further their research. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from our onboard auctions are directed to these organizations. TRAINING THROUGH NALUNAIQSIJIIT: THE INUIT CRUISE TRAINING INITIATIVE

Through Nalunaiqsijiit—The Inuit Cruise Training Initiative (ICTI), Quark Expeditions hired two interns on Ocean Adventurer voyages to Nunavut during the Arctic 2019 season, both of which were hired as staff during the 2019/20 Antarctic season. The goal of this Government of Nunavut program is to equip Nunavummiut with the qualifications and certifications needed to pursue opportunities in the expedition cruise industry. The funds, raised since 2014, support the Habitat Restoration project, whose goal was to restore the sub-Antarctic island to its original status as one of the world’s most important seabird sites. Funds were used for baiting during the eradication phase and to support rodent- detecting dogs for the current monitoring and maintenance phase.

EVERY PESO COUNTS Quark Expeditions participated in SeaGreen recycling initiative during our 2018/19 Antarctic season. Proceeds from the sale of our recyclables raised 120,000 PESOS to assist Argentinians living with a disability.

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