Antarctic 2022/2023/2024 Brochure


ULTRA MARINE like the recently-launched World Explorer ,

will be equipped with a Micro Auto Gasification System that thermally breaks down waste, reducing its volume by UP TO 95 %

Ultramarine ’s LED lighting can potentially use 50% LESS energy than standard fluorescent lighting.

Ultramarine has sufficient effluent storage to operate at full capacity with 340 PEOPLE (guests and crew) for 5 DAYS , eliminating the need for any discharge in particularly sensitive areas.

These advanced waste systems mean the technologically- advanced vessel can

Fuel-efficient Ultramarine We expect the average daily

fuel consumption of Ultramarine to be approximately half the consumption of older chartered vessels of similar size.

operate for 40 DAYS and discharge no solid waste!

OUR GOAL BY 2025 Quark Expeditions will reduce carbon emissions by:


Quark Expeditions’ historical analysis confirms that we have decreased emissions from vessels by 28% from 2010 levels. Reduction in Carbon Emissions


from the 5-year rolling average

Our Polar Promise. PRINCIPLES

Goal: By 2025, our goal is to work exclusively with suppliers, vendors and external partners who share our commitment to preserving the polar regions.

Embedding responsible practices throughout our business, whether it’s in polar wilderness or in the places we work each day.

Goal: By 2025, Quark Expeditions will reduce carbon emissions per passenger by 10%, and Quark Expeditions-owned fleet will have a plan for all waste brought on board. Goal: By 2025, Quark Expeditions will continue to lead change through community engagement and by supporting scientific, conservation and sustainable development in polar communities.

PLANET Reducing our footprint and building resilience through best practices and advanced sustainability technologies.

PARTNERSHIPS Making a positive impact on the people, environment, and communities we visit through outreach, collaboration, and innovation.

POSITIVE IMPACT Inspiring and empowering our guests to make changes that create positive impacts, wherever they live.

Goal: By 2025, the positive benefit of bringing people to the polar regions will far outweigh any impact of taking people there.

Our sustainability strategy is an ongoing journey. Join us on our voyage to preserve the polar regions for generations to come! For more on our comprehensive Polar Promise strategy, visit: QUARKEXPEDITIONS.COM/SUSTAINABILITY

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