2023.24 Antarctic Express Crossing the Circle

DETAILLE ISLAND Detaille Island lies in Lallemand Fjord, just south of the Antarctic Circle. The hut at this site is the British Antarctic Survey’s Station W, which was evacuated in 1959 when sea ice and weather made relief by ship impossible, and base personnel were forced to close the station and transfer to Station Y at Horseshoe Island. Research undertaken at Detaille Island site focused on surveying, geology and meteorology. The hut was cleaned up by the British Antarctic Survey in 1996-97, and more recently restored by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. ENTERPRISE ISLAND Located in Wilhelmina Bay, this island’s protected coves were once used by whalers. A Zodiac cruise exploring the island passes the rusting remains of a wrecked whaling ship, and provides opportunities to search for humpback whales.

LEMAIRE CHANNEL One of the most scenic locations on the peninsula’s west coast, this dramatic strait runs between the towering cliffs of Booth Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. The channel may become impassable when ice fills the narrow, 6.8-mile (11 km)-long passageway, so we’ll hope for clear waters. MELCHIOR ISLANDS This group of low, glaciated islands in Dallmann Bay is where you may see hauled-out male fur seals as they recuperate from their battles for supremacy at the end of their breeding season. NEKO HARBOUR Little evidence remains that this bay was once used by the floating whale factory ship Neko . You might see whale vertebrae being used by resident gentoo penguins as shelter from the wind.

PETERMANN ISLAND Here, near the Lemaire Channel, you can stand ashore and see the southernmost breeding colony of gentoo penguins. Adélie penguins, shags and south polar skuas also inhabit the island. PORT LOCKROY As part of Operation Tabarin during the Second World War, a secret British base was built in this sheltered harbor, located on the west side of Wiencke Island. Now a designated historic site, the base is a museum and post office. Proceeds from your purchases in Port Lockroy support the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, which preserves British and other historic sites dating to the Heroic Age of Exploration. A large gentoo penguin population resides here.

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