2023.24 Antarctic Express Crossing the Circle

STONINGTON ISLAND Two abandoned research stations can be found on this island south of the Antarctic Circle. The first women to overwinter in Antarctica were housed at East Base. The British built Base E is about 656 feet (200 m) away from East Base, which was built by the United States Antarctic Service Expedition. WATERBOAT POINT A surveyor and a geologist lived in a makeshift shelter utilizing an up-turned water boat on this point from 1921 to 1922. The remains of their camp have been designated an Antarctic historic site. The aptly named Waterboat Point is also home to a Chilean Antarctic research station, named González Videla Base after the first sitting head of state to visit the Antarctic continent. When the base is manned, you may be welcomed inside for a visit by the base personnel, or you may visit the resident nesting gentoo rookery if the base is inactive.

DECEPTION ISLAND Deception Island is a flooded circular caldera formed by the collapse of an active volcano. To reach this protected harbor, it is necessary to sail through a narrow passage called Neptune’s Bellows. Inside are several bays used at various times for whaling and scientific research. Along with waddling penguins and lounging seals, you’ll see the rusting remains of whaling operations on the beach in some locations. The landscape of Deception Island often presents opportunities for longer walks to striking vistas. The stark contrast between snow and dark volcanic sand and the steam along the shoreline from geothermic activity when the tide is right, gives this location an atmospheric feel.

YALOUR ISLANDS These islands were named for an Argentine Navy lieutenant who rescued the shipwrecked members of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition in 1903. Approximately 8,000 pairs of Adélie penguins nest in the islands, sometimes parading for visitors. Yellow lichens and grass give color to the landscape, and icebergs are easy to spot from your Zodiac cruise. South Shetland Islands AITCHO ISLANDS This group of small islands is situated in the northern entrance of the English Strait. You can often spot a great mix of wildlife in the area, with gentoo and chinstrap penguins having established rookeries on the islands. Southern elephant and fur seals frequently haul out here, too.

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