North Pole Destination Guide

“An unbelievable voyage!” – Michael M.

Expedition of a Lifetime

The 50 Years of Victory is one of only six nuclear-powered Arkti- ka-class icebreakers built for civilian use in Russia. Two nuclear reac- tor thrusters generate up to 74,000 horsepower to muscle the ship through ice two to three meters thick, which it then crushes under its weight. But despite all its burliness, 50 Years of Victory is more comfortable than you’d expect, with amenities that include gourmet meals and cozy cabins.

Passengers also get the opportunity to rub shoulders with onboard ex- perts who happily share their knowledge throughout the trip, through one-on-one chats and formal lectures. A marine biologist, ornitholo- gist, historian, glaciologist and geologist—not to mention a balloon pi- lot—lend context to off-ship excursions and the expedition in general.

THIS PAGE (Expedition of a Lifetime): 50 Years of Victory, a powerful ice-breaker; a balloon ride over the Arctic; taking in the magnificent view

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