2024 Greenland Explorer - Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic

NORTHERN LIGHTS The Aurora borealis, widely known as the Northern Lights, is a major feature of this itinerary, and it’s included in the price of your trip. All you need to do is come out to the deck of your ship in the wee hours to witness this natural phenomena of exploding lights against a darkened sky. The northerly location, as well as the prevalence of clear night skies, make this region of Greenland one of the best places to realize this bucket list dream.

COMMUNITY VISITS Our Greenland Adventure voyages include the widest range of community experiences in the Quark Expeditions portfolio. During this voyage we hope to offer visits to two iconic South Greenlandic communites (Aappilattoq and Qasiarsuk) and provide opportunities for guests to share their journey and engage with our local partners. Learning about the wonders of Greenland from Greenlanders will be a highlight of this voyage.

ZODIAC CRUISING Zodiacs are the workhorses of polar expeditions, taking you to places the ships can’t access, allowing you to reach remote shorelines, explore shallow inlets and search for unique wildlife. Expedition staff make stepping in and out of them safe and comfortable, and your Zodiac drivers will provide active interpretation, making the landscape come even more alive.

PHOTOGRAPHY Documenting your voyage so you can take the memories home is a rewarding experience. Our photography guides will help you hone your skills to capture the beauty of the Polar Regions.

POLAR PLUNGE This rite of passage, scheduled only once per expedition, gives you the chance to jump safely into the bracing Arctic waters under the watchful eye of our staff—and just about every single camera on board!

HIKING Led by experienced staff, exploring on foot is one of the best ways to appreciate the polar landscapes. Our guides are able to accommodate a range of skill levels to suit every guest.

PRESENTATIONS Enjoy daily chats with and presentations by our world-class onboard polar experts—expedition guides, specialists, photography guides and other special guests who will introduce you to the fascinating history, biology, ornithology, glaciology and geology of the region, and much, much more.

Contact your Polar Travel Adviser or your Travel Professional for more information about your Included Activities and Adventure Options, including required experience, physical requirements and cost.

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