2024 Greenland Explorer - Sail and Soar the Alpine Arctic

These fjords are frequented by marine mammals. Rare sightings of polar bears are possible, as they drift down from the north on sea ice floes propelled by the East–Greenland current. Humpback whales are often sighted when entering fjords as the shallowing seas bring an upwelling of nutrients to the surface. While we keep our eyes peeled for wildlife, the magnificent alpine terrain invites us to explore by sea, land and air to immerse ourselves completely in the remote icescapes of the region. The wild east is ideal for heli landings and hiking, paddle excursions, Zodiac cruises and shore landings. DAYS 5 – 7 | ARCTIC PATAGONIA Spectacular fjordlands and iconic peaks The stunning maze of fjords, sounds, islets, inlets and skerries (rocky islands) in and around Cape Farewell (Nunap Isua) at Greenland’s most southern tip possesses its own particular magic. Transiting the 100–km long Prins

Christian Sund (Ikerasassuaq)—one of the world’s most scenic fjords—will be truly unforgettable. Guests can then look forward to dramatic mountain and seascapes with glaciers tumbling down to down to the sea, and stunning vistas around every corner. Inhabiting this domain are Southern Greenlanders living on the frontier, a people as unique as the landscape they call home. This is where the migrating hunting peoples from the east finally settled around the European trading posts. The few villages in this southern region have gained a level of fame thanks to the inhabitants who remain steadfastly faithful to their hunting and fishing heritage. We hope to visit Aappilattoq, perched on the shores of Prins Christian Sund (Ikerasassuaq), to introduce you to our friends and partners there. We hope to offer you the opportunity to listen to their stories, hear their music, taste their food, learn about their hunting traditions, and perhaps even join a friendly game of

soccer as a player or spectator.

If you are looking for the most iconic peaks of South Greenland, you’ll be in your glory when we reach the Tasermiut Fjord in the heart of what’s known as “Arctic Patagonia,” where guests can sign up for overnight camping (with local hosts) along the 70–km fjord. Marvel at the impressive Sermeq glacier at its head with rivers of ice tumbling almost down to sea level, and the imposing peaks of Nalumasortoq and Ulamertorsuaq dominating the skyline, making for the most scenic backdrops to your hike or helicopter–enabled excursions. DAY 8 – 10 | THE WESTLANDS The ultimate in contrasts: Greenland Ice Sheet, Viking history and Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage site Following in the footsteps of the Greenlandic Norse into the Western fjords, it’s easy to appreciate why Erik the Red chose this land as his home and gave Greenland its name: every direction

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